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Released Version tar.gz deb
2013-12-22 14.01.1 (latest) tar.gz deb
2013-12-03 13.12.1 tar.gz deb
2013-11-06 13.11.1 tar.gz deb
2013-05-06 13.05.1 tar.gz deb
2013-04-15 13.04.1 tar.gz deb

Changelog Txt2Site

version 14.01.1 released 2013-12-22 (latest)

1. Function: link_to_page (new)
This function returns a reference to the page indicated by the argument. The argument is a prefix of a content file. See the chapter System Functions.
2. Stylesheet variables.
Allows web developers to define variables that are reusable as property values anywhere in a stylesheet. See paragraph Stylesheet variables of the chapter File Types.
3. System variable page_to_current (removed).
System variable page_to_current is removed because it is not meaningful.
4. Generated demo site improved.
Use of stylesheet-variables with color variables.
Format generated site is changed from txt2tags to html.
Layout improvements.

version 13.12.1 released 2013-12-03

1. Script: creole2html.pl (new)
New markup language Creole (aka WikiCreole) using a Perl converter.
2. Script: html_content_div
Improved message if content-section not exists.
Div blocks for content sections now has a common class "t2s_content".
3. Script: html_mainmenu_div
Added optional arguments to exclude items from the menu.
Div of mainmenu block now has class "t2s_mainmenu".
4. Script: html_pagemenu_div
Added optional arguments to exclude items from the menu.
Div of pagemenu block now has class "t2s_pagemenu".
5. A missing homepage is now permitted.
6. Script: stdin_eval_commands
Bug: unwanted error if last character of a line is a backslash. Bug solved.
7. Improved top-of-content link in demo application.
8. Rename system variable page_home to home_title (defined in config file).
To convert any existing application, update the config file.
9. New group of navigation variables: page_to_...
Postfixes next, prev, parent, first and last (see User Manual: System Variables).
These variables replace existing variables with matching names.
Please convert any existing applications with the new variables.
10. Update of online User Manual.

version 13.11.1 released 2013-11-06

1. Script: include_file (new)
Implementation of the function $(include_file filename eval_flag) to insert and evaluate lines from a file. The argument eval_flag can be used to prevent evaluation.
2. Next to HTML and Txt2Tags new markup languages are available:
3. Script: html_content_div
Function call now has an optional second argument eval_flag. This argument can be used to prevent evaluation for better performance.
4. Update the meaning of systemvariable page_source (see User Manual).
5. Selected li-element in generated menus now has class "selected" (like the a-element).
6. Update of online User Manual.

version 13.05.1 released 2013-05-06

1. Implementation of multiple content sections.
2. Delimiter in content file: ===== is replaced by <<<<< your comment >>>>>
3. Script: html_content_div
Function call now has an optional argument (section number)
Generated div with id div_content in html-code is replaced by div_content1 (for section 1)

version 13.04.1 released 2013-04-15

First stable release.

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